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Is your chest pain serious? Read how a Harvard doctor decides whether tightness in chest is concerning or normal.

Posted on March 21, 2017 by Team Medicine after an interview with Dr. Anubodh "Sunny" Varshney

Chest pain symptom checker

Take a quiz to find out why you're having chest pain.

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Tightness in chest, first thoughts? Serious types of chest pain Heart attack - the medical process and treatment Non-life-threatening types of chest pain Risk factors for chest pain Risk factors in detail - why they are harmful

Chest tightness or pain can be caused by a really broad number of things (also see 23 Reasons Why You Have Random Chest Pain ). There are a few really key characteristics that could help categorize someone's chest pain as something acute that require you to mobilize a ton of resources right away versus other things that are not life threatening even if they may be causing the patient's chest pain and discomfort.

I start by thinking about the “can’t miss” diagnoses that can cause people to die within a day. They include things like an ongoing heart attack, a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lungs), a pneumothorax (collapse of the lungs), and an aortic dissection (a tear in the aorta which is the biggest blood vessel in the body).

There are a few key questions you could ask to figure out if someone has one of those four “can’t miss” conditions. Some of the questions are more historical and demographic. For example, if someone is very old, has smoked their whole life, has a history of high blood pressure and high cholesterol, they're automatically at a much higher likelihood of having some of those “can’t miss” conditions just by the nature of their risk factors. Afterwards, I would ask three other questions to tease out the true nature of the pain they're having:

A yes to any of the three questions would suggest that the patient’s chest pain is related to their heart not getting enough blood flow, which could indicate a heart attack.

The ones that are concerning are if the chest pain is substernal (it’s underneath the center of your chest where the is heart located), if it’s provoked by exertion or stress, and if it’s relieved by rest or nitroglycerin tablets. If you have all three of those, we call that typical chest pain or typical angina. Those are typical angina symptoms. That by definition means that you have obstructive coronary artery disease. If you only have one of those, then we think that there's low likelihood that you have coronary artery disease. If you have 2 of them, then it's kind of in the gray zone and in between.

The big caveat to this is that all of these symptoms, these 3 characteristics of typical angina, were based on studies that were done in the past and really looked predominantly at men. This typical chest pain and typical angina syndrome were defined historically based on large studies of men. So women tend to not have typical angina. Women tend to have a lot of atypical angina or other symptoms like nausea, lightheadedness or bloating, and that can be their equivalent of angina, so a lot of people might not pick up on that.

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Daniel Warren
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I fear my attention span’s waning. My memory is something of the past and I dread reading anything containing more than a 140 characters. What’s wrong with me? Has instant messaging, micro-blogging and on-demand everything turned me into the digital version of a couch potato?

To be fair, the digital affliction I have is not sedentary like Homer Simpson slouched in front of the TV. To the contrary it is very active. I am actively seeking out information: reading, researching, viewing or supplementing media and content. If I’m watching live sports or TV (on the odd occasions that it’s not recorded), I may be following the Twitter stream associated with that event or episode. i.e. #ChampionsLeague or #MadMen. In addition to this, if I’m browsing the web I may have music streaming at the same time, or I could be engaged in an iPad app while busy on a phone call.

Although this may sound like I’m heading toward Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), it actually implies easy access to a lot of meaningful information. This data deluge does, however, lead to us knowing a lot about everything but often understanding little. Many of my friends no longer believe in the requirement to remember needless things like phone numbers, birth dates, and contractual details. This is considered history. It’s all archived, indexed and available with a simple search.

Ask yourself when last you intensively worked at remembering birth dates when it’s in your PC or social network calendar? Or enjoyed a moment with family and friends without experiencing it through a viewfinder? If some of these ring true and you are a marketing professional, how many of your customers may be going through a similar shift in attitudes and behaviours?

How prolific is your brand presence? Can you hook clients and prospects across multiple platforms and engage with them in a meaningful manner? Is it possible for you to manage your marketing resources intensively, in order to keep your customers’ loyalty?

From my experience, I see many marketers understanding the requirement to stay in touch with prospects across channels, as hard as it may be. However few have the luxury of intensively mining their campaign and customer data for greater yield. Often the same on demand campaign results, in a given quarter, are expected without truly harnessing the data to its full potential.

By way of example; consider sophisticated conversion optimization i.e. A/B and Multivariate Testing . How many experiments do you need to design and run over what period to truly see a meaningful lift in your numbers? How often are you willing to get it wrong before its right? If you were to venture into programmatic campaign management and real time exchanges; how good is your data that is driving that world leading rocket science algorithm?

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I remember (and the Diary entry helps, too) there was a party/meetup at someone's place down in Sunnyvale, perhaps in honor of Robin being in town. This was a little less than nine years ago, back during the golden age when the Sequences were still being written, when the M and R in MIRI were still an S and an A , respectively—before the Eternal September, before everyone was poly, and long before everyone was trans.

I worked the 0600 to 1500 bookkeeper/customer-service shift at my supermarket dayjob that day. After work, I dropped off the week's bag of redeemed manufacturer's coupons at store #936 (what the company did with them after that, I was never told—perhaps they weighed them), bought a woefully-misnamed espresso medicinal from the hegemon's coffee kiösk there, then drove downtown and parked near the library construction site; I had some time to kill before I was scheduled to rendezvous at University and Shattuck at 1745 with a local genetics blogger with whom I had arranged to give a ride to the party. I walked to Ming Quong and bought a "FEMINISM IS THE RADICAL NOTION THAT WOMEN ARE PEOPLE‭" button to put on my bag as a replacement for the one I had bought in 'aught-six and lost at some point. I had recently reöutfitted my bag with buttons I had bought from a site I found because the proprietor occasionally commented on the blog ( the blog). My newly-accessorized bag could hardly be complete without a gender pin, and for some sentimental reason I wanted it before taking the geneticist to the social. I have a weakness for what you might call narrative optimization : doing things not for any real-world utility, but rather because they would seem thematically appropriate if this were a story rather than real life.

(I still have the "radical notion" pin, but it's no longer proudly pinned to my backpack. Ideology—in the general case—is not my style anymore.)

The party was amazing, as always, but there's one exchange that haunts me to this day, a moment when I was caught off guard by having been seen through in a way that, at the time, I couldn't permit myself to anticipate or understand. I wish I had an actual transcript of it, so I could pencil in "corrections" of how it should have gone. (Narrative optimization should be a deliberate process: you should keep separate track of what actually happened and what should have happened, rather rather than letting them get blurred together in the murky, unauditable process of reconstructing the scene from an eight-and-change-year-old memory and a Diary entry from the Monday after.)

A blonde woman wearing a red dress and black high heels stuck out among the predominantly male throng of geeks. I struck up a conversation with her. (It turned out that we had previously had a tense exchange on the blog in which I had protested that gender-stereotypical behavior shouldn't be conflated with the fact of one's sex, but I didn't know that was her at the time.)

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